Sensemaking is an act of making sense of various mysteries of life. In that sense, a sensemaker is like the Sherlock Holmes of life.

Sensemaking involves the following basic method:

  1. Observation of the salient dots in the given situation
  2. Imagination to come up with multiple explanations of those dots
  3. Critical reasoning to select the explanation that best connects all the dots

This method is also known as abductive reasoning. We can also call it as connecting-the-dots.

Interestingly, this method is used by detectives (Sherlock Holmes, Poirot, Monk are a few fictional examples), intelligence agents, medical diagnosticians (House MD is a fictional example here), creative people (Steve Jobs is a real-life example here), scientists (Einstein is the most famous real-life example here).

More interestingly, sensemaking can be seen as life skill too! It can be even used to diagnose the following types of problems:

  1. Business issues
  2. Relationship problems
  3. Self-awareness gaps
  4. Understand other people and their behavior
  5. Kids’ uniqueness, etc.

This portal aims to help you hone your sensemaking skills–so that you can solve various mysteries of your own life yourselves! We do this by posting real-life as as well as fictional practice cases drawn from various walks of life. Note that you will need to log in, in order to attempt these cases!

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