Bob Lutz’s Intuition About Dodge Viper

Business history is full of examples of decisions that were taken purely on gut feeling or intuition. Chrysler’s Dodge Viper (shown above) is a very apt example here. Bob Lutz, the company’s president, got the intuitive insight to build this car during a weekend drive. The car was a smashing success. It single-handedly changed the public’s … Read more

How Decision Making Evolves as a Startup Grows

Context As start-ups scale up, the decision-making process needs to evolve. During the starting-up phase, the essence of decision-making is: less thinking and more hustling. So, you will need to focus on being fast, experimental, and flexible towards changes/pivots. But, as you scale up, the essence of decision-making becomes: making the right judgment calls. So, … Read more

How Intuitive Are You?

How intuitive are you? Do you take decisions on gut feeling or rationally? This quiz will ask 22 questions to gauge your intuitiveness. It has been adapted from the book “The Intuitive Edge” by Philip Goldberg PhD Take the quiz here.

Use A ‘Rational’ Process For Analysis. Use ‘Intuition’ For Synthesis

Context Is there knowledge which by its nature cannot be expressed in propositions and is yet trustworthy? There is. That knowledge is called Intuition. According to a report published by PwC, business leaders are taking a majority (41%) of their strategic decisions about the future of their businesses based on their gut (or Intuition). So, … Read more

The Work Required To Have An Opinion

We all hold an opinion on almost everything. But, how many of us do the work required to have an opinion? The work is the hard part. You have to do the reading. You have to talk to anyone you can find and listen to their arguments. You have to think about the key variables … Read more

Netflix’s CEO: Gut Feeling Is Better Than Data

Netflix is one of the fastest-growing tech companies. Its CEO Reed Hastings has some advice on how to make decisions: “We start with the data. But the final call is always gut. It’s informed intuition.” Supported Insight:  START INTUITIVELY. END INTUITIVELY. ANALYZE IN BETWEEN!

Start Intuitively. End Intuitively. Analyze In Between!

Context Problem solvers–esp. management consultants–rely mostly on rational analysis for solving business problems. Business schools also mainly teach the rational analytical approach in various courses. The role of intuition in problem solving, unfortunately, is neither well understood nor promoted. In this context, it is heartening to see Bruce Henderson (BCG’s famous founder) put the use … Read more