How A Simple ‘Sensemaking’ Made Federer Self-confident

This is a brief article in which I want to show how sensemaking can help one know one’s own personality better, and build one’s self-confidence. No one expected Federer to become such a great player. Although he qualified as an early talent, he was never considered one who could ever dominate the sport. He may … Read more

The Best Insight On Singing

Each day common people sacrifice their potential to be excellent at the altar of their own ignorance. Just look around you in the evening, and you will see kids playing mindlessly: Cricket: They don’t fix their stump-position while batting Badminton: They don’t play with proper sized badminton rackets Tennis: They play tennis with worn out … Read more

Steve Jobs Unique Answer On Apple’s Strategy

Growtist is a great admirer of both Richard Rumelt as well as Steve Jobs. Both these guys are no-nonsense independent thinkers. So, what happened when Rumelt asked Jobs about Apple’s strategy, way back in 1998? This is what Rumelt says: At that moment in time, Apple had less than 4 percent of the personal computer … Read more

Are You More Suited To Be An Ops Guy, A Strategy Guy, Or A Visionary?

The above question can be answered by introspecting a little and identifying your biggest strength out of the 3: Discipline Delaying Gratification Passion If you count Discipline as a much bigger strength over the other 2, then you are more suitable to be an Operations guy. If you count Delaying Gratification as a much bigger … Read more

John D. Rockefeller And His Sound Business Judgment

In early 1880s, John D Rockefeller had reached the top of oil business. But, many were predicting his demise. Because the entire oil industry was getting in jeopardy. The Pennsylvania oil fields were running dry and electricity was beginning to compete with lamps for lighting homes. Russians were capturing Standard Oil’s (Rockefeller’s company) foreign markets. Some … Read more

The Secret to Learning Anything: Albert Einstein’s Advice to His Son

In 1915, aged thirty-six, Einstein was living separately from family. On November 4 of that year, having just completed the two-page masterpiece on the theory of general relativity, Einstein sent 11-year-old Hans Albert a letter with a simple insight on learning: “That is the way to learn the most, that when you are doing something with such enjoyment … Read more

A Mental Reason For Dhoni’s Success

Dhoni is the only cricket captain in the world who holds all 3 ICC trophies. Some people attribute it to his ability to handle pressure, some to his decision-making, some to his reflexes, some to his teamwork skills, etc. Some people even attribute it to luck! I think a big part of his success owes to his ability … Read more

The Concept Of Intuition

Intuition is a kind of judgment that has the following 2 properties It appears quickly in consciousness, and We are not fully aware of its underlying reasons  Several famous people considered Intuition to be more powerful than Mind Steve Jobs: Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion. That’s had … Read more

You’re Not Crazy Kid. You’re Just Highly Intuitive!

Context Certain people (esp. kids) are highly sensitive. They are highly tuned to other people’s conscious and unconscious feelings and thoughts–noticing even minuscule fluctuations in other people’s facial expressions and body language. Often such people feel they are “too sensitive”. This realization often troubles them or their parents.  However, the good news is: Sensitivity is highly co-related with … Read more

Sifting Essential From Non-essential: One of Einstein’s Key Skills

Einstein distilled his theory of relativity from all the clutter of electromagnetism prevalent in those days. How?  Well, he had this quality of being able to sift the essential from the non-essential. His experience as a patent clerk helped him hone this skill. He remarked: “I soon learned to scent out what was able to … Read more

Your MBTI And Your Synthesis Skills

I am sure most of you would have come across MBTI assessment in the past. I want to propose the usage of this tool to assess your ability to Synthesize: You can use the 4rth alphabet in your MBTI type for that. You are more likely to be good in Synthesis, if you have a … Read more