Diagnostic: Dear Co-founders, Have You Identified A Leader?

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In our team’s first meeting with Paul Graham, I was sharing our confusion about what to build. After ten minutes he stopped me. “I think the real issue here is that you don’t have a clear leader. I think you should figure that out first.”

The above excerpt has been taken from an intriguing book: Chaos Monkeys. The conversation is happening between the 3 co-founders of a start-up and their investor Paul Graham (a YC partner). Paul is sharp and experienced enough to quickly see that these 3 co-founders lack a clear leader.

And this is our key insight: Have a clear leader! Accept that he or she may well be a dictator. If you don’t like it, and think that you can make a better leader, well then get the hell out and find your own startup to run. This is how the most successful tech companies, worth billions of dollars, choose their leadership!

Key Insight

Don’t let all your co-founders have an equal say in the company. Identify a clear leader!