Dear Co-founders, Have You Identified A Leader?

In our team’s first meeting with Paul Graham, I was sharing our confusion about what to build. After ten minutes he stopped me. “I think the real issue here is that you don’t have a clear leader. I think you should figure that out first.”

The above excerpt has been taken from an intriguing book: Chaos Monkeys. The conversation is happening between the 3 co-founders of a start-up and their investor Paul Graham (a YC partner). Paul is sharp and experienced enough to quickly see that these 3 co-founders lack a clear leader.

And this is our key insight: Have a clear leader! Accept that he or she may well be a dictator. If you don’t like it, and think that you can make a better leader, well then get the hell out and find your own startup to run. This is how the most successful tech companies, worth billions of dollars, choose their leadership!