The Consequences Of Shutting Yourself Off

The Consequences Of Shutting Yourself Off


Most of us simplify the world around us not only by forming mental models, but also by choosing which information to ignore.

A certain kind of information (e.g. criticisms, signals, feedback) can get challenging for our minds–and so we get in the habit of ignoring it.

Even great sporting legends such as Tendulkar develop this habit of shutting off!

The Issue

When we develop this habit, though we are able to save some agony, we also miss crucial feedback that is needed for our progress.

The more sensitive we are, the more information we take in. The more we are able to read. The more we become effective in making sense of situations.

Adrian Monk is a classic (albeit exaggerated) example here. He is able to solve crime cases, because he is extra-sensitive. He senses every minute detail around him.

So, if we want to improve our sensemaking capabilities, we need to introspect if we have shut off ourselves too much–without adequately considering the consequences of that choice!

Key Insight

Know both the pros as well as the cons of shutting off well, before you choose your habit