How Did This Lady Die?

Key Question

Look at the picture above.

This lady’s body was seen falling down from the 21st floor. The picture above was taken when the police had recovered her dead body and the body was put on a stretcher.

Can you tell from the picture if the lady was murdered or if she fell herself?

The answer and explanation

The lady was murdered.

It is very unlikely that a lady will have some of her toenails unpainted in normal course of her life. It is also unlikely that the lady was so careless as to be painting her nails while sitting precarious on her balcony.

So, it seems most likely that she was murdered and then thrown from the balcony–while she was painting her nails!

Note: The above is an example of abductive reasoning. Such reasoning is not conclusive like deductive reasoning. Rather, such reasoning only helps figure out the most likely explanation!


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