E-commerce in India: Succeeding due to Business Model, Failing Due to Strategy



e-Commerce in India grew phenomenally fast, owing to its disruptive and scalable Business Model.

But, the problem with a lot of such unique business models is that: they are copyable.

And this is exactly what has been the show spoiler for eCommerce in India. Copyability of the highly scalable eCommerce business model has led to very high competition–for customers, for funding, for HR, perhaps for Suppliers too.

The days to ride on a disruptive and scalable business model are now OVER. Strategy has to kick-in now. Because, Strategy IS fundamentally about tackling the Competition.

But, how can Strategy be the savior? Read more here.

Key Insight

Innovative business models often drive quick and phenomenal growth. But, as markets mature and become competitive, Strategy needs to kick-in!