What Makes Ueli Steck Excellent?

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The North face the Eiger mountain is known as ‘The Wall of Death’. It is a mile-high, concave cliff-face covered with ice. The first 6 people to attempt climbing it died trying. The total death tally stands at 65.

Ueli Steck, a Swiss climber did it in under 3 hours. And he did it without using ropes! It was an achievement so disproportionate and unprecedented that it rewrote the rules of climbing. See his short clip below:

Below is how Ueli himself described his achievement:

You have to make sure you feel no pressure to get to the top otherwise you start making the wrong decisions. On a climbing day, I always say “I’ll just go and have a look.” I never say, “I am going to do it.” And if I have a bad feeling, I just come back down. I believe if you stick to that then you never make a mistake.