About Us

Growtist offers content and coaching services to help businessmen achieve excellence.

Our offerings will mainly appeal to businessmen who possess:

  1. An openness towards candid feedback
  2. A burning desire to learn and grow
  3. An affinity towards first-principles (instead of quick-fixes)
Our Theory of Excellence

Our core belief is that any businessman can become excellent by displaying the following 3 mental behaviors:

  1. Objectivity in Cognition
  2. Independence in Judgment
  3. Gutsiness in Action

A few examples of famous people will help make the above 3 principles clear.

Objectivity in Cognition–a few examples:

  1. Darwin probably had an IQ of 130, and yet there he is as respected as Newton (an estimated IQ of 190!)– due in large measure to his habitual objectivity
  2. Jack Welch is considered to be a hugely famous and successful CEO. The locus of his excellence lies in his habit of ‘facing reality

Independence in Judgment–a few examples:

  1. Steve Jobs was fired from his own company, but was called back 12 years later. He continued pursuing his own intuition on multiple occasions, and eventually created history
  2. Rockefeller did not copy the then-prevailing wisdom of how to run an oil refinery, and focused on improving operational efficiency as well as on doing research on various refining methods. He became the richest man in America of his time

Gutsiness in Action–a few examples:

  1. Dhirubhai Ambani owes a lot of his success to his guts. He took on personal challenges right from his childhood, and gradually become so gutsy!
  2. Howard Shultz closed all Starbucks stores for one day because he felt that the soul in the whole Starbucks experience was beginning to wane
How Growtist works

In order to become Unbiased, Independent and Gutsy, you need to first be self-aware:

  1. Do you let your emotions cloud your cognition and judgment?
  2. Do you know if you are an intuitive decision maker (like Steve Jobs) or a rational decision maker (like Warren Buffett)?
  3. Do you know your specific Strengths and Weaknesses?
  4. Do you know if you are smarter than others? Steve Jobs knew it. So did Dhirubhai. That is why they were so decisive and gutsy

To increase your self-awareness we offer:

  1. Know yourself diagnostics
  2. Concepts that describe unique traits on which you must assess yourself. Examples: Judgment,  Sensemaking, Synthesis skills, Intuition, etc.

Steve Jobs was highly self-aware about his smartness. That gave him his phenomenal Unbiasedness, Independence, and Gutsiness. This quote below is pretty revealing in that respect:

Image result for steve jobs when you grow up

Now, apart from increasing your self-awareness, we also help you hone the following crucial skills pertaining to Cognition and Judgment:

  1. Storylining (Sensemaking, etc.)
  2. Synthesis (Connecting the dots, Generating foresights, etc.)

Almost all the great business leaders have had great sensemaking skills. They have entered into complex messes, developed stories to diagnose those situations, and then figured out a way out. A few examples being:

  1. Lou Gerstner at IBM
  2. Jack Welch at GE
  3. Steve Jobs at Apple

Synthesis skills are more relevant for generating solutions to problems, foresights, etc. A few examples being:

  1. Bill Gates
  2. Zuckerberg
  3. Steve Jobs

We also help influence your mindset, by:

  1. Helping you internalize the importance of important construct–such as Consciousness, Mental calibration, Learning mindset–through various real-life examples

Finally, we provide you a strong base of business knowledge in form of:

  1. Concepts such a Strategy, Business models, etc.
  2. Insights to help you better appreciate and internalize the above concepts
Our sources

Apart from researching and developing our own content, we also curate our content from top online sources.

A few of our content sources are as below:


See a complete list of sources here.

Personalized Coaching

Note that we also offer Personalized Coaching services to hungry and open-minded businessmen to help them develop the 3 differentiators mentioned above.

To inquire more, please write at: Saurabh.agarwal@growtist.com.

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