Will FlipKart Sustain Itself And Succeed?

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FlipKart recently raised $1.4bn from Tencent, eBay & Microsoft at $11.6bn post-money valuation.

This means that its pre-money valuation is $10.2bn–a notable drop from $15.2bn valuation in 2015 when it has last raised funds of $ 700mn.

Yet, this valuation is higher than what people were expecting esp. after a significant valuation markdown (to $5.4bn) by Morgan Stanley in March 2017.


Note: This is not a post that offers you a ready-made perspective for easy consumption. Rather, this posts provides an opportunity to develop your own judgment. If you are not aware of our concept of Judgment and our method to hone it, please read here!

For this, I present you a few reference articles below, and then ask you to take a view on this event. Over the course of next 1 year or so, it will become clear if your view matches the reality or not!

Such an exercise is a good way to force yourself to take a view, and then learn from the feedback from reality–and hence to hone your judgment!

Reference articles
  1. News: here and here (good!).
  2. Views: here (good!), here, here, and here.
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