Is Demonetization The Right Decision On Black Money?

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If you are keen on honing your judgment, you need to utilize the events around you. You need to build a view on those events, and then assess your judgment later when the outcomes of the events are known. IMO, this is a great method to train you mind and hone your judgment.

Now, our PM has displayed a lot of good intent and decisiveness by demonetizing the 500 and 1000 notes. But is it a good and mature judgment on his part? Because, success comes only by making the right decisions driven by sound judgment. Intent is not enough…

Key considerations
  1. Is majority of black money held in cash?
  2. Will this move address the stock of black money or the flow?
  3. What would have been better: Troubling the common man, or silently going after the big fish?
  4. Can such a scheme be implemented without chaos?
Hone Your Judgment

Will the demonetization effectively address the Black Money problem?

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