The Importance Of Deliberate Practice


For decades, Prof. John Hayes has been investigating the role of effort, practice, and knowledge in top performers.

He discovered that every single “masterwork” was written after year 10 of the composer’s career. These findings have been further confirmed by research from professors like K. Ericsson, whose research threw the “10,000 hours” idea (later popularized by Malcolm Gladwell).

However, as these researchers started digging deeper, they discovered that success wasn’t simply a product of 10 years of practice or 10,000 hours of work.

It required practicing with purpose!

Please look at the post below to see how Don Bradman used to do his deliberate practice!

What Our Kids Can Learn From Don Bradman

Key Insight

Success has to do with deliberate practice. Practice must be focused, determined, and in an environment where there’s feedback!