Learn From Dhirubhai Ambani: Change Your Orbit!


A typical middle-class professional is in an moderate-happiness orbit.

His home loan prohibits him from taking too many professional risks. And, this lack of risk-taking leads to only moderate professional success. And his moderate success makes him remain stuck with his debts. Thus, he keeps on revolving in a moderate-happiness orbit.

Dhirubhai was an amazing person to have grasped this phenomenon before he became great! He refused to get into orbits that were not up to his caliber. For example, he refused a very lucrative job offer of a Supervisor at Port of Aden. He eventually got into a high-happiness orbit.

How can we break free from sub-optimal orbits?

Key Insight

You may be in a sub-optimal Orbit. If you want to grow like Ambani, break free from it!