How Our World-Views Shape Our Behaviours


Different people live their lives differently.

Some go on to change there own lives and the world for better (e.g. Steve Jobs).

Some are mainly interested in driving politics in their organizations; while some others mainly follow and give support to these leaders.

Some others keep on hoping for good luck, while others believe that praying to God will change their lives.

Most of us have seen all these 6 sorts of people in our lives. The above 3 x 2 is an attempt to show that such behaviors are shaped by nothing else but the world-views and self-views that people hold.

Note: Please keep in mind a person may or may not know his world-view and/or self-view consciously. But, such a view is almost always present in each person’s sub-conscious. 

The 3 World-views and 2 Self-views

Life-is-fair world-view:

These people believe in the just-world hypothesis. Since, these people believe in life’s fairness, they are inherently positive and apolitical people. They are less people-oriented. Rather they are inward looking and simple people. They are diligent in their work. Often such people do not get their due.

If such people hold a self-view that they are potent, then they work diligently–with their heads down. A lot of such people do well initially in their lives, but can get stuck in their lives if and when they become a victim of real-life politics.

But, if such people hold a self-view that they are helpless, then their God is their only resort.

In either cases, such people normally are ruled by their hearts, and have large hearts as well. Such people also believe in concepts of: Law of attraction, Positive attitude, Diligence, Faith, God. Such people are optimistic by nature. Such people are also non-judgmental.

Life-is-unfair world-view:

These people do not believe in the just-world hypothesis. As a result, such people evolve into being inherently political people. They become quite people-oriented extroverts.

Now, if such people hold a self-view that they are potent, then they become people leaders. They cannot focus on heads-down work. They do not like abstract subjects such as Maths, Science. Such people like studying history, politics, people, etc. Such people do quite well in their lives, if they are able to polarize people in their favor.  But, if not, then such people end up becoming sidelined as skeptics.

But, if such people hold a a self-view that they are not that capable themselves, then they start following a leader. Such people live an average life.

In either of the cases above, such people have small hearts but sharp minds. Such people are also pessimistic by nature and judgmental (at least about other people) too.

Life simply ‘is’ world-view:

These people believe that world can be potentially good as well as bad. As a result, such people evolve into being judgmental people, so that they can differentiate the good from the bad. Such people become more realistic by nature.

Now, such people, since they believe that the world can be fair too (even if at times), are able to focus on independent creative work too. They like applied subjects such as Business.

Such people can do really well in their lives, if they are aware of their abilities. Such people develop sound business judgment. Such people are both introverts as well as judgmental people. They judge (often intuitively) not just people but also situations as well as ideas. Example: Steve Jobs.

But, if such people hold a a self-view that they are helpless against an uncertain life, then they resort to hoping for luck. Such people may start speculating, gambling.

In either of the cases above, these people have well-developed intuitions.

Growtist’s world-view

Life is neither fair nor unfair. It simply ‘is’.

Growtist’s self-view

We are capable enough to change things.

Key Insight

Use of mind (Judgment) coupled with diligence is the best strategy.