0-to-1 Or 1-to-n: Which Type Of An Entrepreneur Are You?

A 0-to-1 guy is interested in creative, innovative, disruptive ideas. Example: Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos.

A 1-to-n guy is interested in replicating proven business ideas. Example: Indian entrepreneurs running companies such as FlipKart, Ola, etc. I would (albeit hesitantly) put even Dhirubhai Ambani in this category.

Both types of businesses require very different founder personalities. Therefore, you must first gain clarity on which type of business ideas suit your personality.

0-to-1 entrepreneurship requires a clear vision, high degree of belief (often to irrational extremes) in that vision, and the patience to wait out for success. While, 1-to-n entrepreneurship is mainly about hustling and operational problem-solving.

A 0-to-1 entrepreneur should take limited advice from others and should let investors have only a limited influence in his business decisions. Not so much the case for a 1-to-n entrepreneur.