The Case Of The Broken Tennis Racket

Well, this is going to be a small and easy case.

My Indian friend’s tennis racket got broken when the racket’s top edge hit a metallic surface. Note that the force of the impact was very small.

Surprisingly, the racket did not break at the point of impact. Rather, there was a small hair-line crack towards the bottom left-hand side. See picture here.

My friend then called Babolat’s customer support asking for a replacement–as his racket was under warranty.

We all had very low expectations of his request being entertained. Babolat is very strict about replacements, and, as per a tennis forum, only about 10% of Babolat warranty requests get fulfilled.

However, to our utter surprise, the customer support agent readily agreed (without needing to escalate the call to his superior) to my friend’s request, provided there was no evidence of intentionally banging the racket and hence breaking it.

My friends got the replacement within 1 month!

Can you answer the case question, based on the above dots?