The Case Of A Dejected Tennis Player

Ram is an amateur tennis player.

When he bought a new racket for himself, he went for a 300 g racket–a weight that can be considered to be on the higher side for an amateur. Typically amateurs play with 250-285 g rackets.

This new racket was an expensive one (₹ 15000). He wanted to buy one within ₹ 10000, but the sports shop did not have one in that budget. So he had no choice but to over-stretch his budget.

The shopkeeper then told him that the racket was sold unstrung (like most expensive rackets). So, he had to shell out additional money to buy racket strings, and then additional money to get his racket strung.

When he started playing, Ram realized that he was now not able to control his shots anymore. Initially he thought it was due to the racket being heavy. So, he patiently worked on strengthening his hand muscles to able to maneuver the racket better.

Yet, after 1.5 months, he was still stuck with the problem of not being able to control his shots.

He was dejected.

Then one day he saw 2 people (one of them fat and one of them thin) running to take shelter from the rain. Suddenly the fat man slipped on the road. His thin friend started laughing on him, saying that he should reduce his weight. The fat man then got up saying that it wasn’t his weight but his cheap slippery shoes that made him slip.

Suddenly Ram understood why he was not being able to control his shots. He was able to fix the problem in next 3 days, based on his sudden insight!