The Case Of The Guy Who Competed With Kids

Today is 22 September–the date of the annual fete organized by the local community.

Joe, who lives in that community, is seen displaying somewhat strange behavior: he wants to participate in the sack race as well as the back race (where you run backwards) events. Typically, kids participate in such events. But, Joe is quite keen on participating too. Moreover, he has never before participated in any event during any annual fete.

The 1st and 2nd prizes for these 2 races are an mp3 player and a home-made pie (see image below), respectively.

Image result for pie

Joe’s wife made those 2 pies on 21st evening, and the pies were collected on 21st night itself by the fete organizers.

As per Joe, his wife had to urgently leave for Canada on 22nd early morning to visit her ill sister. But, an elderly neighbor who is slightly eccentric is said to have heard 2 gun shots on 21st night, from Joe’s kitchen.