The Case Of A Guy Who Only Talked To Attractive Girls

Raj is a third-year engineering student who known in his college as a rude person who was only after physical beauty.

He only seeks to talk to attractive girls in his college and makes it too obvious by his demeanor that he does not like to talk to girls of any other type!

Below are some other dots about the situation.


1. A first-year incident

2. About Nitin (Raj’s friend)

3. Raj’s family

When Raj was in his first year, he and his friend Nitin went to explore a computer training center (NIIT). When they entered the office there were two separate cabins in the front. One manned by an average-looking sales girl (on the left) and the other manned by a very beautiful sales girl (on the right). Nitin wanted to go to the beautiful girl’s cabin. He started moving in that direction, but Raj has already moved close to the average girl’s cabin. So, Nitin also had to unhappily follow. After the meeting, Nitin was very angry with Raj. For understandable reasons. Raj was also confused: Why the hell did he move to the cabin on the left? After all there main motive to visit NIIT was to interact with beautiful receptionists only! Raj felt that the reason for his instinctive behavior was not just hesitation, but something else too. But he had no clue what it was.
Nitin comes from a rich family settled in Delhi. After the NIIT incident it is noticed that Raj and Nitin are no more on talking terms. Actually some people also say that they both now hate each other!
Raj comes from a middle class family that is settled in a small town. His parents are highly respected in the town due to they being very decent and caring people. They help the needy people as and when possible. Neither his mother nor his sister are extra-ordinarily beautiful. Raj has stayed with his parents only until he got admitted to this engineering college.