The Mess About A Housing Society’s Common Area

This case is about a builder who has delivered his first residential housing project.

The builder has always had reasonably good intent to serve his customers well.

Off late, when he visited the finished flats, he saw lot of breakages in the stairs and lift area. Understandably, he got very angry and rebuked the maintenance team.

After his visit was over, the maintenance team, in turn, rebuked the security team for not monitoring the stairs and lift area properly. The breakages were occurring due to the residents shifting their furniture and other big items into their flats. The security team, in turn, tightened the shifting norms for residents. This frustrated the residents a lot. They started voicing their negative opinions. Slowly their angry voices reached the builder.

The builder is now quite confused. Who is at fault here he wonders?

Before you get into the case, here are some more dots:

1. About the society

2. About lifts and stairs

3. About Loading

It is a big housing society with about 90% high-rise flats and 10% low-rise (5 story) flats. It is an economy segment housing society.
A lift is provided for the low-rise flats. One lift serves 10 flats (2 on each floor). Stairs are also provided.
Loading is a bigger concern for low-rise flats then it is for high-rise flats, because all the common area space has to be loaded (i.e. charged) on to each low-rise flat.