The Mystery Of The Strange Girl Who Married A Bad Guy

Naveen was a simple guy, born and brought-up in a small town. He was so shy that he would never indulge with other guys in any discussion about girls, etc. He was 24 years of age, and was working as an engineer in Surat since past 1 year.

Rajni was a girl that had been with that company since past 2 years. She was 24 years of age too, and was from a big city. Her parents were pressurizing her to get married soon.

Now, Naveen was such a naive and simple guy that he would take long to notice and understand the signals from any girl. In Rajni’s case also he realized only 4 months back that she had taken a liking to him.

Yet, Naveen was not being able to overcome his hesitation to make the first move. Though he confessed to his best-friend that whenever he came in front of Rajni, his heart started beating really fast!

Then one fine day Rajni came to him and introduced him to Tony–a guy she was about to marry!

Naveen got the shock of his life! A few questions popped in his mind:

  1. Why did Rajni have him meet Tony? They both have barely spoken in the past!
  2. Why did Rajni choose Tony over him?┬áTony is considered to be a pretty manipulative and street-smart guy from a big city. In a way Tony’s personality can be considered to be opposite to that of Naveen’s.

After a few days Naveen got another shock: Rajni and Tony came over to Naveen’s house and asked for a financial help of INR 10,000 for their marriage. They promised to return it a month after their marriage. Naveen immediately gave the money, with trembling hands. But, 6 months have now gone by and the money has not been returned.

Naveen is now totally depressed and confused.

Can you connect the dots and help him sensemake why Rajni behaved in such a manner?