John McEnroe And His Tantrums

John McEnroe is notorious for his bad-tempered tussles with umpires over whether his opponent’s ball was on the line or out. This behavior has cost him thousands of dollars in penalties. Lot of people have booed him and have disliked him for his behavior.

In this post I want to help you see John McEnroe’s famous tantrums in a different light.

See this 37 seconds clip first. This clip is about a famous outburst he had during a Wimbledon match in 1981. The empire called his serve out, while he thought the serve was on the line. He could see the chalk dust flying in the air. If you watch the clip closely, you would notice that too.

So, as per my mental model, it seems that here is a perfectionist guy who is justifiably getting angry on some shoddy calls made by the empire. Please make up your own mind!