The Best Insight On Singing

The Best Insight On Singing

Each day common people sacrifice their potential to be excellent at the altar of their own ignorance.

Just look around you in the evening, and you will see kids playing mindlessly:

  1. Cricket: They don’t fix their stump-position while batting
  2. Badminton: They don’t play with proper sized badminton rackets
  3. Tennis: They play tennis with worn out balls
  4. Table tennis: They keep on playing with varying bats, often borrowed from others

There is a glaring lack of insight-based effort, all around us.

I have myself wasted by my own singing potential simply because no one told me this crucial insight below:

If you don’t copy the scale (i.e. vocal range of notes) of other singers, and sing instead in your own scale, you will never face the problem of hitting high or low notes..

Please watch this video from Sajjad Ali (a famous Pakistani singer) for more.