Steve Jobs Unique Answer On Apple’s Strategy

Steve Jobs Unique Answer On Apple’s Strategy

Growtist is a great admirer of both Richard Rumelt as well as Steve Jobs. Both these guys are no-nonsense independent thinkers.

So, what happened when Rumelt asked Jobs about Apple’s strategy, way back in 1998? This is what Rumelt says:

At that moment in time, Apple had less than 4 percent of the personal computer market. The de facto standard was Windows-Intel and there seemed to be no way for Apple to do more than just hang on to a tiny niche.

In the summer of 1998, I got an opportunity to talk with Jobs again. I said, “Steve, this turnaround at Apple has been impressive. But everything we know about the PC business says that Apple cannot really push beyond a small niche position. The network effects are just too strong to upset the Wintel standard. So what are you trying to do in the longer term? What is the strategy?”

He did not attack my argument. He didn’t agree with it, either. He just smiled and said, “I am going to wait for the next big thing.

Look at this video for more.