Diagnostic: Are You A Strategy Person Or Not?

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The Diagnostic

You are waiting for your cab to take you to your office. It will take you 10 min to reach your office if you go on foot. But, if you go by a cab, it will take you only 2 min. You check with the cab guy and the drive tells that the cab will reach you in 5 min. 

You are likely to be a Strategy guy if you prefer patiently waiting for the cab for 5 min. You are unlikely to be a Strategy guy if you can’t wait and simply start walking towards your office close-by.

The basic point here is: Strategy requires thinking and planning. This requires you to delay your gratification. Strategy-preferring guys are able to do that. But if you cannot simply sit and wait, and tend to get impatient, then you are not (as of now) a Strategy guy..