Baajirao’s Mother’s Answer To: How Can Strength Be Defeated?

Baajirao’s Mother’s Answer To: How Can Strength Be Defeated?

Most people often take Strategy for granted. To them strategic solutions seem very simple and obvious.

This mindset suffers from what I call the IIT-question syndrome: The question is very difficult to solve initially. But if you see the solution, the question feels damn easy. The IIT-question syndrome applies to the mass perception of strategic frameworks such as the BCG Growth-share matrix, Porter’s 5 -forces, etc. 

Now, here is another video to demonstrate this. See this video below from TV serial Baajirao Peshwa. In this episode the young Baaji is wondering how he can defeat the superior strength of the Mughals. So, he poses the question to his intelligent mother:

“How can strength be defeated?”

Now, take a moment yourself to answer this question…

Now see this video (27 min-end) to see how the question come to Baji’s mind, and his mother’s intelligent ploy to let him reach the answer:

And see this video (first 30 seconds only!) to see his mother spell out the answer to Baaji:

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