The Best Insight On Singing

Each day common people sacrifice their potential to be excellent at the altar of their own ignorance. Just look around you in the evening, and you will see kids playing mindlessly: Cricket: They don’t fix their stump-position while batting Badminton: They don’t play with proper sized badminton rackets Tennis: They play tennis with worn out … Read more

How Our World-Views Shape Our Behaviours

Context Different people live their lives differently. Some go on to change there own lives and the world for better (e.g. Steve Jobs). Some are mainly interested in driving politics in their organizations; while some others mainly follow and give support to these leaders. Some others keep on hoping for good luck, while others believe … Read more

The Work Required To Have An Opinion

We all hold an opinion on almost everything. But, how many of us do the work required to have an opinion? The work is the hard part. You have to do the reading. You have to talk to anyone you can find and listen to their arguments. You have to think about the key variables … Read more

Sifting Essential From Non-essential: One of Einstein’s Key Skills

Einstein distilled his theory of relativity from all the clutter of electromagnetism prevalent in those days. How?  Well, he had this quality of being able to sift the essential from the non-essential. His experience as a patent clerk helped him hone this skill. He remarked: “I soon learned to scent out what was able to … Read more

Disobedient Kids Often Do Better in Life!

Context Around age 11, Bill Gates started to become a problem for his parents. He refused to do the things his mom asked of him, like cleaning his room and showing up on time to dinner. Research suggests that there is in fact a connection between defiance and rule-breaking in adolescence and earning a high … Read more

IIT Question Syndrome

People often consider strategic frameworks to be very simplistic. Think about the following frameworks: BCG growth-share matrix, Porter’s 5 -forces, and 4P’s of Marketing. Now, ask yourselves as honestly as possible: Does any of these frameworks really look like a big deal? Well, chances are that this is what most of you would be thinking: What … Read more