Are You More Suited To Be An Ops Guy, A Strategy Guy, Or A Visionary?

The above question can be answered by introspecting a little and identifying your biggest strength out of the 3: Discipline Delaying Gratification Passion If you count Discipline as a much bigger strength over the other 2, then you are more suitable to be an Operations guy. If you count Delaying Gratification as a much bigger … Read more

0-to-1 Or 1-to-n: Which Type Of An Entrepreneur Are You?

A 0-to-1 guy is interested in creative, innovative, disruptive ideas. Example: Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos. A 1-to-n guy is interested in replicating proven business ideas. Example: Indian entrepreneurs running companies such as FlipKart, Ola, etc. I would (albeit hesitantly) put even Dhirubhai Ambani in this category. Both types of businesses require very … Read more

Are You Biased And Don’t Know It?

A lot of people are biased, and they don’t know it. So, how can one reliably discover if he has such a blind spot? Well, the answer lies in following this simple method: Integrate all the context available to you! Example. Let us assume you play Tennis and that you are a biased person. So, … Read more

Do You Have A ‘Learning Mindset’?

Imagine you are playing Tennis or Badminton with another opponent. What is your state of mind when you hit the ball/shuttle in your opponent’s court? I feel happy when the opponent makes an error–because I win the point! I feel happy when the opponent is able to return the ball/shuttle nicely–because that challenges me even more! … Read more

Are You ‘Stuck’ In An Orbit?

Lot of us are in sub-optimal orbits of life, irrespective of whether we are a professional, an entrepreneur, or a house-wife. We remain stuck in monotonous morning-to-evening ruts. I wrote about Dhirubhai Ambani’s Theory of Orbits a few months back. Please check here. We are in a sub-optimal orbit when it feels as if we can … Read more

Dear Co-founders, Have You Identified A Leader?

In our team’s first meeting with Paul Graham, I was sharing our confusion about what to build. After ten minutes he stopped me. “I think the real issue here is that you don’t have a clear leader. I think you should figure that out first.” The above excerpt has been taken from an intriguing book: Chaos Monkeys. … Read more

Do You Have A Products DNA Or A Services DNA?

I was consulting to a client a few years back. The founding team was made up of 2 highly educated people. They had created a software, and were selling it to Banks. Despite their software product being great, the company was not being able to grow much since past 3-4 years. It took us a while … Read more

How Intuitive Are You?

How intuitive are you? Do you take decisions on gut feeling or rationally? This quiz will ask 22 questions to gauge your intuitiveness. It has been adapted from the book “The Intuitive Edge” by Philip Goldberg PhD Take the quiz here.

Your MBTI And Your Synthesis Skills

I am sure most of you would have come across MBTI assessment in the past. I want to propose the usage of this tool to assess your ability to Synthesize: You can use the 4rth alphabet in your MBTI type for that. You are more likely to be good in Synthesis, if you have a … Read more