Great Men Are Masters Of Their Own Education

Context The middle class believes a little too much in formal learning. Unfortunately, a one-size-fits-all model can never make you excellent. Hence, most excellent people focus on self-chosen learning. Examples: Leonardo Da Vinci, Edison, Einstein, James Watt, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Lincoln, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Dhirubhai. Let me also take a fictional example … Read more

Jack Bogle And His Independent Thinking

At Growtist, one of my objectives is to curate articles about great men. Their professional domains do not matter to me. They may come from Finance, Strategy, Sports, Music, Politics, etc. What matters is their common mental qualities. Qualities that we can borrow and apply to our own lives. I hope that this will motivate … Read more

John D. Rockefeller And His Sound Business Judgment

In early 1880s, John D Rockefeller had reached the top of oil business. But, many were predicting his demise. Because the entire oil industry was getting in jeopardy. The Pennsylvania oil fields were running dry and electricity was beginning to compete with lamps for lighting homes. Russians were capturing Standard Oil’s (Rockefeller’s company) foreign markets. Some … Read more

How Steve Jobs Was Spot On And Others Wrong

“I give them two years before they’re turning out the lights on a very painful and expensive mistake.” Such were the harsh comments that Steve Jobs received when he decided to go for an Exclusive Distribution strategy for Apple. Such an approach was indeed unthinkable back then. The world was more impressed by Dell’s model of direct … Read more

How Chasing A Wrong Growth Metric Almost Screwed Up Starbucks!

The metric was same-store sales growth. Starbucks used to track quarter-on-quarter same-store sales  comparisons (a.k.a. comps). Stock Analysts expected this metric to be reported publicly. The stock market expected the comps to be positive. Fortunately, the company had witnessed a consistent and long period of positive comps. Its stock price was high too. This was … Read more