Steve Jobs Unique Answer On Apple’s Strategy

Growtist is a great admirer of both Richard Rumelt as well as Steve Jobs. Both these guys are no-nonsense independent thinkers. So, what happened when Rumelt asked Jobs about Apple’s strategy, way back in 1998? This is what Rumelt says: At that moment in time, Apple had less than 4 percent of the personal computer … Read more

Bob Lutz’s Intuition About Dodge Viper

Business history is full of examples of decisions that were taken purely on gut feeling or intuition. Chrysler’s Dodge Viper (shown above) is a very apt example here. Bob Lutz, the company’s president, got the intuitive insight to build this car during a weekend drive. The car was a smashing success. It single-handedly changed the public’s … Read more

How Alan Mulally Turned Ford Around

When Mulally took over as Ford’s CEO in September 2006, the company was in a very bad shape. Its stock price had fallen sharply, its debt was at “junk” status, and it was about to record its worst loss in its entire history (of $12.7 billion). It was widely expected that Ford would eventually file … Read more