Why Some People ‘Remain’ Poor And Unlucky


I always used to wonder: Why some people seem to be consistently poor and/or unlucky?

A few symptoms:

  1. Their kids will often be poor in studies
  2. Their daughter will often be getting unnecessary attention from neighboring boys
  3. Other people would be taking advantage of them
  4. Their investments will be fairing poorly
  5. Their job life would be full of frustrations

I was a bit depressed about this observation. Why should such a thing happen to only some people–and consistently?

But, then I starting seeing a pattern… 

People remain poor/unlucky because they are negative about life

Let me elaborate.

Think of people in your circle who fit the above symptoms. Then ask yourselves the following questions:

  1. What are the types of TV serials do they watch?
  2. What type of News do they read and watch?
  3. What type of Friends do they have?
  4. What kind of Discussions do they typically indulge in (i.e. about people, events, or ideas)?
  5. Are they trusting or skeptical of other people?

Once you ask these questions diligently, I hope that you will start seeing the pattern that I have seen.

Such people would be indulging in activities that reaffirm their negative view on life.

They would be watching crappy serials such as: Sach Ka Saamna, Crime Patrol, India TV, Ekta Kapoor’s serials, etc. Because such serials will make them feel better about themselves.

Such households would rarely watch inspirational and hard-work oriented TV serials like: Maharana Pratap, etc. Because such serials will make them feel insecure about themselves.

They would be reading negative news about rape, murder, terrorism, fraud, etc. Such negative news will give them some kind of comfort.

But, they would avoid reading the news about some IIT guy getting INR 1Cr salary, or about some young guy becoming a multi-millionaire by his hard work. Because, news about someone’s progress will dis-comfort them.

Such people will have friends who will always fuel their own biases about life.

Recently a friend of mine said to me that Delhi was a bad and cut-throat city. He told me certain incidents to support his view too. All such perspective are half-truths at best. And when 2-3 friends discuss such half-truths and agree mutually on it, it seems to them to be the ultimate truth!

Such people will like the company of agreeable people, and will hate plain-speaking people.

The common pattern in all these observations is that such people choose to see only the negative side of reality.

Moreover, they do not take any effort to challenge their view.


Because the moment you accept that the external world is also full of positivity and opportunities (apart from negativity), you start facing the question of why you have not been able to do well.

This is an unsettling question…

So, they accept the view that life is negative, unfair, frustrating, etc. This gives them comfort.

But, this also snatches the promise of the future from them.

That is why some people remain consistently poor and/or unlucky.

Key Insight

People remain poor and unlucky because they mainly see only the negative side of life!