Will Google Disrupt The $200 Billion Recruiting Industry?

  • Unlike other searches on the internet, a job search is a very important thing
  • A job search is also a very personal thing. You are looking for fit–a position that fits, a company culture that fits, a location that fits, etc
  • Unfortunately, almost none of the above search “criteria” are adequately embedded in the job description
  • Moreover, most job descriptions are limited, out of date, and often poorly written
  • Finally, thanks to all the myriad of different job titles companies use (there really are no standards), search engines are problematic
  • More than 1/3 of all job seekers spend 2 or more hours researching a single job, it often then takes them an hour to complete the job application

Bottom-line: A  lot of pain, effort, and complexity for job seekers everywhere!

Enter Google.

The company is an expert at understanding your search terms, keeping track of all the searches done in the past to get smarter, and then using smart NLP algorithms to decompose your search into a meaningful query and then pull back the best possible result. This is what Google has done for its entire life, so applying it to job search is a natural thing!

So, will Google emerge as a winner in the Job search space? Read more and answer!

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Will Google emerge as a clear winner in the Job Search space?

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